Chris Brown Is Being Sued By His Backup Dancer Over Her ‘Devastating' Eye Injury

9 September 2019, 15:48

Chris Brown is facing a lawsuit from his backup dancer
Chris Brown is facing a lawsuit from his backup dancer. Picture: Getty

Singer Chris Brown has been sued by his backup dancer over an eye injury she sustained during a video shoot back in 2017.

Chris Brown is facing a legal lawsuit after one of his back up dancers sustained eye injuries during a 2017 video shoot.

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According to The Blast, Danielle Griffin has filed a lawsuit against the artist after she claimed a wardrobe and make-up artist called Angel didn't ensure the product she used on her face was safe.

In the obtained court documents, Griffin revealed that Angel had "carelessly and negligently poured fake liquid blood on (her) head without eye protection after assuring her that the substance was safe."

Griffin claims the fake blood caused damage to both of her eyes. She also wants Chris Brown and the video production team to take responsibility and pay for the damage.

The backup dancer argues that fake blood was not tested for safety tand that the team should've taken more precaution. Griffin believes the team should've known the liquid could be harmful to the eyes.

Griffin says the production company "had a duty to properly train its employees and agents on the use of dangerous substance including fake liquid blood when preparing dancers and performers for the music video."

The Blast revealed that Griffin claims Brown and the production team have not supported her during her recovery.

Griffin is seeking more than $25,000, for "loss of wages including past and present," as well was damages, "including medical care and treatment of personal injuries."

It is unclear which video shoot the incident took place, however it's from a 2017 video shoot.

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