Chris Brown Opens Up About New Reveal-All Documentary ‘Welcome To My Life’

8 June 2017, 10:19 | Updated: 8 June 2017, 10:27

Chris Brown on His 'Welcome to My Life' Doc, Album & Dream Beyonce Collab


Breezy sat down for a rare interview.

Chris Brown has opened up about his highly-anticipated new documentary ‘Welcome To My Life’.

The singer is preparing to release the new project, which will explore all aspects of his life, including his infamous assault on Rihanna in 2009. 

Speaking to Complex, the singer gave more details about what his fans can expect from the documentary.

“None of this is fabricated or etched to make you feel a certain way – its just raw,” he said.

“My new fans are going to get a chance to understand my experience,” added Breezy. “Everyone goes through certain situations in every way. 

“Nobody’s blessings are better or greater. Everybody has their own truth so it’s just about being human.”

Chris Brown also spoke about the difficulties of balancing fame and riches, with the negativities that he has experienced.

“It has to be a good and a bad because you have to find yourself,” he said. "I had to be mature. I had to understand who I wanted to be and be ok with looking at myself, before looking at the person I created as an artist.” 

During the detailed interview, Brown also spoke about his upcoming double album ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’.

“I’ve done so many records but for me, all the records are personal favourites,” he said.

“I feel like it gets what I want to say across. It gets a vibe or you get a nostalgia or a sense of individuality and having fun.”

Interestingly, Breezy also admitted that his dream collaboration would be Beyonce.

"The top female performer is Beyonce, so for me, it would be epic if we did some dope dance sh*t," he said. "Just for the culture and it has nothing to do with nothing. Just for the culture."

Meanwhile, Chris Brown’s new album ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ and his documentary ‘Welcome To My Life’ are both set to be released in June.

Watch the full interview above.

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