Cardi B Fans Are Freaking Out After She Dipped Her Fries In Ice Cream

29 May 2019, 16:50

Cardi B shocked fans by dipping her fries in ice cream
Cardi B shocked fans by dipping her fries in ice cream. Picture: PA

After seeing Cardi B dip her french fries into her rum & raisin ice cream, fans were left shell shocked.

Whether Cardi B is stunning audiences with her brilliant live performances or revealing all the details about her recent liposuction on Instagram, she's never far away from a headline or two.

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Following one of her recent Instagram storys though, Cardi left fans stunned for a whole different reason as she was spotted dipping her fries into her rum & raisin ice cream!

But whilst you might expect fans to be shocked by Cardi B's love of mixing ice cream and fries, it turns out that most people were in support of the 'Money' rapper.

Cardi's fry-dipping actions were celebrated by her followers and many even claimed they were now confident enough to publicly reveal that they too dip their fries in ice cream now that the Rap Queen has done the same.

Check out some of these responses to Cardi B's ice cream x fries collab...

So what are you saying? Is Cardi B just like you when it comes to enjoying both ice cream and fries together, or are you left gobsmacked that people would actually combine the two?

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