Cardi B defends "poor" people after claiming celebrities appear to get coronavirus tests first

26 March 2020, 13:26

Cardi B further explains her celebrity coronavirus theory on Instagram
Cardi B further explains her celebrity coronavirus theory on Instagram. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Rapper Cardi B has detailed her celebrity coronavirus theory and defends "poor people" not being able to get tested for the virus.

Cardi B has responded to people who doubt her initial theory, where she claimed celebrities may be getting paid to reveal they have coronavirus.

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Idris Elba recently took to social media to deny claims that stars are being paid to say they tested positive for coronavirus.

In an Instagram Live session, the 47-year-old actor, who has tested positive for coronavirus, said "This idea that someone like myself is gonna be paid to say ‘I’ve got coronavirus,’ that’s like absolute bullsh*t,".

"Such stupidness and people wanna spread that as if it’s like news. That’s stupid... That’s the quickest way to get people sick."

On Wednesday (Mar 25) Cardi took to IG to offer a rebuttal. "Sometimes I get on my Live and I be talking my crazy sh*t entertaining my fans, and people take what I say and run with it," she declares, before clarifying her points.

However, Cardi made a point that the general public feel as though they are receiving mixed messages from Donald Trump.

Also, Cardi made her followers aware that the public are infuriated by the fact celebrities are being tested, but members of the general public are not.

"If a celebrity is saying 'I don't have no symptoms I'm feeling good, healthy, but I went and got tested and I'm positive for the coronavirus. That causes confusion!" 

"People be like, 'I don't know, I don't have no symptoms but I went out this and that day, shit I might have it,'" she continues.

"'I'm scared because I'm around my kid, I'm around my grandparent. What do I do?'" She explains that less privileged people of the general public are not getting treated fairly.

Cardi continued "They're not getting their coronavirus results the next day, that's one."

The 27-year-old rapper then expressed flaws within the testing symptom system, explaining that not everyone has the luxury of self-quarantining in complete isolation - especially if they test positive.

"A lot of people live in small-ass apartments with multiple people," Cardi added, detailing how easy it would spread to spouses and children in certain scenarios.

"On top of that, a lot of celebrities have the luxury to pay thirty-four thousand dollars or whatever the f*ck it cost to get tested and treated."

"A lot of these people don't have that money! Some people don't even have enough money to f**king afford health care!"

"I feel like all this sh*t, for coronavirus treatments and testing, all that sh*t.

"the government should take that and charge that sh*t to the game," she concludes. Cardi summed up her coronavirus rant with a simple but effective caption: I said what I said.

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