Cardi B claps back at trolls calling her a “flop” and “inconsistent”

1 October 2020, 17:26

Cardi B claps back at trolls calling her a “flop” and “inconsistent”
Cardi B claps back at trolls calling her a “flop” and “inconsistent”. Picture: Getty

Rapstress Cardi B has responded to trolls questioning her ability to be consistent in releasing music.

Cardi B has responded to trolls who have referred to her as a "flop" after assuming she was being shelved by her music record label.

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Despite the "WAP" star topping the charts with her debut album Invasion Of Privacy, which was released in 2018, many have claimed the star is lacking "real talent" and "consistency".

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During a new interview with SiriusXM radio, Cardi addresses the claims that she has been faced with while she's taken a break.

"Throughout this [break] people was making rumors, like, 'Oh, she's having problems with her label, her label is shelving her, her label is tired of her, they're getting more female talent,' and then it's like, no, they're never tired of me. That's one thing," Cardi said.

The 27-year-old rapstress goes on to explain that due to the pressure on her to release new music, she needed to make something she felt made her proud.

The "I Like It" star also addressed haters who claim that she's a "flop".

Cardi B told the radio personnel "There are male artists who will go two years without putting out a song and [the fans] don't be like, 'oh, you're irrelevant, it's over for you'. Me, I didn't put out songs for nine months and it's like, 'oh, she's irrelevant, she's over, she's a flop, we told you that'.

"And I'm like, yo! That type of sh*t started to get to me but it's like, I'm not gonna let that shit get to me to the point that I'm going to put out a song that I'm not really in love with."

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Cardi B's fans also defended her on Twitter, reminding people Cardi B made Billboard history with her song "WAP" featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

Other fans also brought up the fact Cardi B is dealing with an divorce with husband Offset, while still being a great mother to Kulture and an icon to her fans.

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