Beyoncé fans troll Britney Spears over "strange" Queen B claim

26 June 2020, 10:59 | Updated: 26 June 2020, 11:03

Beyoncé fas troll Britney Spears after 'Queen B' claim
Beyoncé fas troll Britney Spears after 'Queen B' claim. Picture: Getty

Britney Spears addressed her fans calling her 'Queen B' on Instagram recently, but Beyoncé fans quickly hit back.

Britney Spears has been one of the most successful music stars of the last two decades and has built up a loyal fanbase, but when she recently addressed fans who have labelled her 'Queen B' she upset another group of powerful fans - the Beyhive.

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Beyonce has also been and continues to be one of the most successful and powerful artists of her generation and her fans, collectively known as the Beyhive, are another super passionate fanbase who defend their queen at all times, affectionately calling her 'Queen B' too.

Beyoncé filmed a TV advert with Britney Spear and Pink back in 2003
Beyoncé filmed a TV advert with Britney Spear and Pink back in 2003. Picture: Getty

Writing to her fans on Instagram, Britney Spears posted a picture of a bumble bee with a crown and wrote, 'To all my fans who call me Queen 👑 B …. I believe this would be more accurate 😉🐝🐝🐝🐝 !!!!!'.

But Britney's Instagram comments were quickly filled with a mixture of Beyoncé fans claiming that Bey is the true 'Queen B' and Britney's own fans defending her.

After fans suggested that Britney's claim was "strange", one Beyoncé fan wrote, 'BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER is THE ONLY "QUEEN B' 🐝🐝🐝🐝' whilst another stated, 'Ask Siri who Queen B is. ☕️'.

But Britney's fans hit back with one saying, 'The fact that Beyonce's fans really got upset about this kills me. There are more important things going on in this world. Britney is one of the most humble, unproblematic artists out there. Relax...'

Beyonce has recently been campaigning for justice for Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police and she wrote an open letter to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

In the letter, the 38-year-old singer calls for the AG to arrest the police officers responsible for the death of Taylor.

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