50 Cent trolls girlfriend Cuban Link for sharing her post-gym body on Instagram

17 January 2020, 14:30

Cuban Link posts video of her post-gym body, 50 Cent responds
Cuban Link posts video of her post-gym body, 50 Cent responds. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Rapper 50 Cent has responded to his girlfriends Instagram post, where she's showing off her stunning figure.

50 Cent has trolled his girlfriend on Instagram after she posted an Instagram Boomerang style video, showing off her washboard abs.

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On Thursday (Jan 16) Cuban Link, formerly known as Jamira Haines took to Instagram to share her progress from going to the gym with her followers.

While posing in her crop top and 3 inch shorts, Cuban Link lets her followers know how hard she works to achieve her figure.

The model captioned the post ".. i kilt the gym today .. or maybe the gym kilt me 🥴.. but ether way i won ! 💪🏽🥵 #laundrydaydontmindthebed".

When 50 Cent came across the post, he was certainly not happy, and expressed it to her underneath her comments.

Fif wrote "I just landed, now why you gotta be doing sh*t like this," commented 50 Cent on the video of his girlfriend showing off her beautiful physique after finishing a workout.

50 Cent responds to Cuban Link's post
50 Cent responds to Cuban Link's post. Picture: Instagram

"You send this sh*t to my phone, not to instagram, what the f*ck". Although it is hard to gauge whether Fif is being serious or not. However, many fans have responded to 50's comment, sticking up for Cuban.

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