50 Cent & T.I seek justice for Tamla Horsford after tragic death investigated

10 June 2020, 17:48

50 Cent and T.I seek justice for Tamla Horsford
50 Cent and T.I seek justice for Tamla Horsford. Picture: Getty

Rappers 50 Cent and T.I. demand and investigation into the 2018 death of Tamla Horsford, after a new review suggests a possible homicide.

50 Cent and T.I. are seeking justice for the death of Tamla Horsford, attorney Ralph Fernandez presented his review of new evidence which suggests homicide could be a possibly.

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According to WSB-TV, Horsford—a Forsyth County, Georgia mother of five—was discovered dead in the terrace of a home back in November 2018. Horsford was found the morning after she went to a "grown-up sleep party".

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In an initial report, a medical examiner determined that Horsford's injuries supported a witness who claimed she fell off the balcony in the middle of the night.

The report ruled out any foul play involved in her death. Horsford's death was ruled as "accidental".

However, family attorney Fernandez disputes the initial findings of Horsford's death. Fernandez strongly sides with the medical examiner hired by her family, who found extensive injuries all over her body.

In a new letter, Fernandez wrote "It appears Tamla was involved in a struggle.There were abrasions consistent with that scenario. There were parallel scratches to one arm. Since they were fresh, photos would not have proven recent use of defensive force. There was one x-ray, yet the injury noted as the cause of death appears nowhere." 

"Witness statements are in conflict," Fernandez continued. "A potential subject handled the body as well as the evidence prior to law enforcement arriving.

Evidence was disposed of and no inquiry followed. The scene was not preserved. A remarkable fact is that there were no photographs taken during the autopsy of Tamla’s body. This had to have been done at someone's directive because such a practice is unheard of." 

In addition to the seven white woman who attended the "adult slumber party," Horsford, a mother of five, was joined by three men.

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One of the men who was at the slumber party, was Jose Barrera, who was dating the woman who owned the home where Horsford's death happened.

Barrera, who is a former pre-trial services officer for Forsyth County court, was fired in 2018 after he was found illegally accessing a report from the death incident.

According to Dayton Daily News reports, Barrera received a letter informing him that he had been placed on leave.

The letter let him know there would be an "investigation pertaining to you using your position to access confidential files on a current investigation surrounding a death in which you were a witness."

Barrera being fired people to want justice for Horsford's death. See the full statement above.

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