50 Cent reacts to Lil Wayne & Denise Bidot's alleged split

5 November 2020, 16:15

50 Cent reacts to Lil Wayne & Denise Bidot's alleged split
50 Cent reacts to Lil Wayne & Denise Bidot's alleged split. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Rapper 50 Cent has chimed in on rumours claiming Denise Bidot broke up with Lil Wayne.

50 Cent has been consistent in trolling Lil Wayne over the past few days. This time, the 45 year-old rapper has chimed in on Lil Wayne's relationship status.

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On Wednesday, the Power Executive took to Twitter to respond to a TMZ report that claims Wayne's girlfriend, Denise Bidot broke up with him.

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While reports claimed Bidot, 34, split with Wayne due to his recent support of Donald Trump, of course Fif deemed it necessary to chime in.

Just a few days ago, 50 Cent called out Wayne after the rapper shared a photo of his and Trump together.

Weezy publicly endorsing Trump rubbed many people up the wrong way, and has been considered to be a factor contributing towards their alleged split.

Now, 50 Cent had extra steam for Weezy after learning that his support for Trump potentially damaged his relationship.

On Wednesday (Nov 4) 50 Cent responded to the TMZ article reporting on the alleged split, writing: "Dumped,😳 you can’t dump little wayne," suggesting Bidot was easily replaceable.

"Now you can leave, if you going than go but somebody’s waiting for the job. LOL."

Despite many people being confused as to whether the pair have actually split or not, both Bidot and Wayne has addressed the rumours.

Bidot took to Twitter to claim she did not call it quits in response to a report. "I Did NOT!" wrote Bidot, who reportedly supported Joe Biden. "This is absolutely false."

The "Lollipop" rapper also cryptically responded to the rumours in a tweet, where he spoke about his love life.

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