50 Cent roasts Lil Wayne & Eminem with hilarious election meme

4 November 2020, 16:37 | Updated: 4 November 2020, 16:40

50 Cent roasts Lil Wayne & Eminem with hilarious election meme
50 Cent roasts Lil Wayne & Eminem with hilarious election meme. Picture: Getty

Rapper 50 Cent has trolled Lil Wayne and Eminem with a meme about the 2020 US Election.

50 Cent is making light of the 2020 US Election in his own way – sharing a meme trolling his fellow rap icons Lil Wayne and Eminem.

50 Cent reacts to Lil Wayne endorsing Donald Trump in new photo

The 45 year-old rapper recently trolled Lil Wayne for posting a photo with Donald Trump and endorsing the leader on his social media. This time, Fif is using Eminem to playfully take aim at Lil Wayne again.

Eminem Brings Out 50 Cent At Coachella 2018

On Tuesday (Nov 3) 50 Cent took to his Instagram to share a photo of a black man holding a confederate flag, opposing a white man holding a Black Lives Matter sign.

The Power Executive hinted that the black man depicted Wayne and the white man depicted Eminem in the photo. by captioning the post "😆wayne Vs. Eminem".

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😆wayne Vs. Eminem

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The meme is well fitting, given that Lil Wayne supports Donald Trump and Eminem recently endorsed Joe Biden.

Eminem let Biden use his hit record "Lose Yourself" for an ad campaign, which made this post even more relatable to some.

One fan wrote "Lmao now you capping don’t hate on Wayne cause you ain’t got a spine" hinting at 50's recent support of Trump, which he later revoked.

Another fan wrote "50 backtracking HARD 😂".

On Monday (19 Oct) 50 Cent encouraged his fans to vote for current President after sharing a screenshot of figures related to Joe Biden's tax plan.

However, later that week, Fif changed his tune and retracted his support of Trump, claiming he "never liked him".

Now, it seems as though 50 Cent is trolling rappers who are supporting Trump, which many fans find ironic and suspect.

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