YNW Melly’s mother claims rapper jail release date has been postponed due to coronavirus

31 March 2020, 16:57

YNW Melly's mother hints at postponed jail release date
YNW Melly's mother hints at postponed jail release date. Picture: Instagram

Rapper YNW Melly's fans expected him to be released from jail March 2020. However, his mother suggests it will be postponed due to coronavirus.

YNW Melly's fans pay attention to any rumours or reports surrounding his release date. Back in December, Melly's mother, Jamie Demons-King hinted that Melly may be out by March 2020.

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However, his fans were met with disappointment and began to question why the "Mixed Personalities" rapper is still in jail.

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Back in December 2019, Melly's mother took to Instagram Live and revealed that Melly was due to be coming out of jail sooner than we thought.

“90 days, Y’all can go ahead and start that 90-day countdown, period” Demons-King told Melly's fans on IG Live.

Melly's mother's announcement meant that the "Murder On My Mind" rapper should have been out of jail sometime in March 2020.

On Sunday (Mar 29) Demons-King suggested that Melly, who has been behind bars since being arrested on two first-degree murder charges last year – would have been released from prison if not for the coronavirus.

In a recent video she posted of Melly, a fan wrote "thought he was sposed to been out whaat happened 😭😭😭".

Melly's mother responded by saying, "@__shayy__babbyy__ Coronavirus happened."

While there has not been any factual evidence or reports about Melly's release, his fans are going off what Melly's mother is saying.

At this present time, reports suggest Melly has yet to post bond for his 2018 case. The rapper will face the death penalty if he's convicted on the charges for the murder of his two friends YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy.

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