Sacha Obama’s Prom Photos Have Left Twitter Shook At Her Grown-Up Appearance

28 May 2019, 16:02

Sacha Obama went to prom this weekend and the Internet can't handle it.
Sacha Obama went to prom this weekend and the Internet can't handle it. Picture: Getty

Barack Obama's youngest daughter Sacha Obama is all grown up and looks VERY different to her earlier days at the White House.

It's been over two years since Barack Obama left the Oval Office, and it's fair to say that people are still mourning the 44th President of the United States and his family.

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So much so that the prom photos of his youngest daughter Sacha bought a tear or two to many a social media user's eye this weekend.

Sacha, 17, went to prom this weekend in a stunning black gown, as seen on Twitter, alongside her male date, who was wearing a sharp black suit and bow-tie.

"I feel like a big brother watching my little sister go to the prom," wrote one user as they reflected on the Sasha's transition into adulthood. "Sasha Obama is such a beauty."

"I thought someone was talking sh*t about Sasha Obama or something happened to her, but b*tch she went to prom and babygirl looks so fucking cute," wrote another, who was about to throw hands.

Sasha was only 7-years-old when she was thrust into the spotlight after her father was elected President, but it's fair to say she's stayed grounded and grown into a wonderful young woman.

Well, she is the daughter of Michelle Obama, after all.

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