The ultimate R&B quiz: Are you a true fan?

9 April 2020, 13:08 | Updated: 23 April 2020, 10:00

The Ultimate R&B Quiz
The Ultimate R&B Quiz. Picture: Getty

How well do you know R&B? Well, get ready to be tested on your knowledge with this fun interactive quiz!

The sound of love that brings back nostalgia and pure good times! An eclectic genre which has a song for every mood – is that of R&B.

A genre that provides you with songs to help you through heartbreaks and also celebrate happy moments with loved ones.

Taking it back to the times when bandana crop tops, leather flared trousers and oversized shirts were featured in the smoothest R&B music videos... reflecting on 90's/00's love music by your favourite R&B artists, we've got the perfect quiz to test your knowledge!

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