Pop Smoke documentary is in the works, rapper's manager confirms

17 April 2020, 17:56 | Updated: 17 April 2020, 18:03

A Pop Smoke documentary is in the works
A Pop Smoke documentary is in the works. Picture: Getty

Late rapper Pop Smoke's manager has announced there will be a documentary on the rapper. The documentary is currently in production.

Pop Smoke is still being celebrated despite his unfortunate death last earlier this year. The rappers legacy will continue to live on.

The late New York rapper's second mixtape Meet the Woo 2 came out on February 7, less than two weeks before his death.

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However, it has been announced that 50 Cent will be executive producing Pop Smoke's post humous album.

Now, it has been confirmed that a Pop Smoke documentary is on its way.

  1. What is Pop Smoke's documentary about?

    According to Complex, Steven Victor—whose previous credits include COO of G.O.O.D. Music and head of A&R at Def Jam—has announced a documentary is in the works.

    "I'm working really, really hard on this Pop Smoke album," Victor, who managed Pop Smoke, said.

    Victor continued "And I'm working on a documentary for him, too. And his foundation".

    The head of Victor Victor label also added " I'm just really focused on making this label like the next Jimmy Iovine and Interscope."

    In an interview with Ben Dandridge-Lemco which took place less than two weeks before his death, Pop Smoke himself mentioned the possibility of making his own documentary.

    He was prompted when he was asked if felt he was being targeted by legal authorities similarly to young drill rappers in the UK.

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    Pop Smoke responded "I’m gonna put out a movie or a documentary," he said at the time.

    He continued "I'm gonna make that sh*t about me. Walk 'em through where I used to live, where I used to be at, and why they look at me the way they look.".

    Pop Smoke added "I'm gonna show you why they don't like that—what they don't like. Let's see if you have the same feedback that they have."

    "Let's see if you would want me to be banned and want me to not perform. I doubt you will. All this good music being recorded, and you want to put it on hold? You don't want people to hear it?"

  2. When will the documentary be released?

    There is no official release date for the documentary.

  3. What is the trailer to the documentary?

    There is no current trailer for the documentary.

This feature will be updated with new information.

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