Mabel Reveals She Will Tattoo Her Debut Album Name On Her Ribs

7 July 2018, 14:45 | Updated: 7 July 2018, 14:48

Mabel has revealed that she will permanently remember her debut album title by getting it tattooed on her ribs.

The ‘Fine Line’ singer, who performed at Wireless Festival on Saturday, admitted that the album name has very deep meaning.

“The debut album is coming. It’s a really important project for me,” she said.

“It’s not just a collection of songs, it has to tell a story and it has to have a thread and it has to have different nuances.

“But when I figured out what that story was, the rest poured out,” she said.

“I am gassed off the name. I’m actually going to get it tattood!”

During her interview, Mabel also talked about performance at Wireless Festival.

“The performance was very surreal,” she said. “This time last year I wasn’t here and I’ve seen some amazing people perform on that stage.

“And to be part of the line up and to a female on the line-up is always sick.” Mabel is set to release her debut album this year.

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