Love Island 2019: Oloni Sparks Rumours She'll Be Entering The Villa

23 May 2019, 17:22

Oloni rumoured to be entering the Love Island 2019 villa
Oloni rumoured to be entering the Love Island 2019 villa. Picture: Instagram

Sexual wellness & relationships content creator Oloni is strongly rumoured to be entering the Love Island villa after teasing followers!

Oloni is one of the most talked about people on Twitter - plain and simple. The sex and relationships expert has been entertaining her followers with relationship stories and Twitter threads for years, but it appears she may be taking her advice into the Love Island villa soon.

With Love Island 2019 set to begin on 3rd June 2019, rumours about who will be entering the villa are in full flow and Oloni appeared to hint she could be on the show with some recent tweets.

When one follower asked her what type of man she was looking for on Love Island, Oloni simply replied '6ft tall, dark hair just someone i can crack in with really.'

Oloni also teased that she was entering the Love Island villa on Instagram writing 'Cat’s out the bag I’m going to be on Love Island.' but she added to the confusion by adding 'Jk on the way to your dads house.' before promoting her Laid Bare Podcast.

The confusion around whether Oloni really is going to make an appearance on Love Island 2019 has left Twitter seriously confused, but it hasn't stopped the rumours from flooding the TL...

With Oloni's own Love Island commentary keeping us all entertained during the last series of the show, would you wanna see her in the Love Island villa or would you miss her brilliant social updates too much?

Let us know on Twitter!

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