Kim Kardashian Slammed By Vegans For Posing With "Sad Looking" Elephant In Bali

1 May 2019, 17:39

Kim Kardashian Responds To Vegans Slamming Her For Posing With "Sad Looking" Elephant In Bali
Kim Kardashian Responds To Vegans Slamming Her For Posing With "Sad Looking" Elephant In Bali. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Kim Kardashian has received backlash for posting a series of photos on Instagram next to an elephant with a rope around it's neck by vegans and animal activists...

Kim Kardashian has been slammed by vegan activists in Australia, after posting photos posing with an elephant in Bali. Members of the Facebook group 'Vegans Of Australia' went in on Kim and criticised her 'unethical' behaviour.

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Yesterday (Apr 30th) the reality star shared photos next to an elephant on Instagram. The photos show her in Indonesia late last year, touching an elephant which had a rope around its neck.

Kim and her husband Kanye West, visited an elephant sanctuary which rescues animals while on their Bali vacation. When Kim took to Instagram to post a photo of her next to the elephant, the vegans and animal activists were not happy.

On the Facebook group, one user wrote 'That elephant looks so sad'. Another user wrote 'Awful. Power to do so much for animals but effort to do absolutely nothing, makes me fume'.

Kim captioned the Instagram photos: 'Missing Bali! and the amazing elephant sanctuary.' 

On the 3rd November 2018, Peter Egan, who stars on Downton Abbey, blasted her on Twitter.

He wrote:

'Such ignorance and such a lack of care. Doesn't she understand the cruelty inflicted on these poor elephants in order for her inane photo shoot. Pathetic: Kim Kardashian wears a bikini to ride an elephant,' he wrote. Hours later, Kim took to Twitter to respond to Peter.

She wrote:

'We visited an elephant sanctuary that has rescued these elephants from Sumatra where they would have otherwise gone extinct. It is an organization that is working to save these beautiful animals. We did full research before going,' she tweeted.




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