George Floyd's niece addresses officer Derek Chauvin in emotional speech

11 June 2020, 12:38 | Updated: 11 June 2020, 13:16

George Floyd’s niece delivers passionate speech

George Floyd's death in the custody of Derek Chavin sparked Black Lives Matter protests across the world.

In the weeks that have followed since the death of George Floyd in police custody, news emerged that Floyd and the officer seen kneeling on his neck, Derek Chavun, knew each other.

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A former co-worker of the pair revealed that they had previously "bumped heads" amid mass protests across the world - now George Floyd's niece had some words for Chauvin at her uncle's funeral.

George Floyd's niece speaks out at his funeral
George Floyd's niece speaks out at his funeral. Picture: PA

George Floyd's funeral was held in Houston and alongside emotional speeches from his brother and U.S. Presidential candidate Joe Biden, Floyd's niece Brooke Williams shared some powerful words.

Speaking directly to former officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged with second degree murder in relation to Floyd's death, Brooke Wiliams said, "The officer showed no remorse as he watched my uncle's soul leave his body. He begged and pleaded many times just for you to get up. But you just pushed harder."

She added, "Why must the system be corrupt and broken? Laws were already put in place for the African American system to fail. These laws need to be changed, No more hate crimes please."

George Floyd's funeral was held in Houston
George Floyd's funeral was held in Houston. Picture: PA

Appearing to direct some words at President Donald Trump, Williams said, "Someone said 'Make America great again', but when has America ever been great?".

Continuing, George Floyd's niece said, "Those four officers were literally on him for nine minutes and none of them showed they have a heart or soul. This is not just a murder, but a hate crime."

Just days after George Floyd's funeral, one of the officers charged with his murder, Thomas Lane, 37 - who was held on a $750,000 bail - left Hennepin County Jail, a police spokesperson told the Star Tribune.

The news comes after Lane's family set up a website page where they were asking for the public to donate money to support Lane's legal defence, TMZ reported this week.

On the website, Lane's family argue that he did everything in his power to save George's life, pointing out that Lane suggested rolling Floyd on his side, which they and prosecutors claim Chauvin refused to do. Lane's family reportedly claims Lane called for the ambulance prior to George losing consciousness, and add that the chain of command is the what stopped Lane from doing more.

It is unclear as to whether any funds generated from the public appeal contributed towards Lane's bond amount being met. 

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