G Eazy's 'Embarrassing' Corn Row Hairstyle Trolled By Fans As Throwback Picture Surfaces

1 October 2019, 17:41 | Updated: 1 October 2019, 17:43

G Eazy trolled on Instagram after corn rows picture surfaces
G Eazy trolled on Instagram after corn rows picture surfaces. Picture: PA/G Eazy

Rapper G Eazy's corn row hairstyle was revealed in a throwback picture and the internet had its say!

G Eazy is a rapper known for his slick lyrics on tracks like 'Him & I' and 'No Limit', but the rapper is also known for his seriously handsome looks - however a throwback photo of G Eazy has resulted in a serious trolling from social media.

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Widely shared online, the picture of G Eazy with his braided hairstyle is actually something he's spoken about in his music before, with his song 'Too Good' including the lyrics:

Look at my prom picture, I was hyphy with braids in my hair
Long before I ever went on tour
Used to cop white tees from the liquor store
But I always knew that I was destined for more

Well after the picture surfaced on social media, people had their say on G Eazy's corn rows, with many people trolling the rapper for his bold look.

Writing on Instagram, one user commented 'Who ever changed his look deserve a Emmy' whilst another added 'Looking like a WNBA player'.

Other trolling comments included 'I thought this was a chick in prison', 'The original Malibu’s most wanted', 'He look like somebody mixed auntie that take all the kids to the park' and 'That’s Becky with the good hair'.

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G Eazy hasn't responded to the trolling comments and it's currntly unknown how the picture came to public attention. The rapper certainly looks a lot different these days and a quick skim through his Instagram account will show you a very different side to him.

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