Fredo Breaks Down 'Third Avenue' Debut Album

1 February 2019, 11:44 | Updated: 1 February 2019, 13:07

Fredo drops debut album 'Third Avenue' and breaks it down with Apple Music
Fredo drops debut album 'Third Avenue' and breaks it down with Apple Music. Picture: Getty Images

After dropping UK's No.1 hit 'Funky Friday' in 2018, Fredo comes into the new year with an absolute bang, with the release of his debut album 'Third Avenue'. The London born artist insists on being "more open" for his fans and breaks down the new album with Apple Music...

West London MC Fredo, 23, came into the year geared up and ready to show the world his growth and elevation through his debut album 'Third Avenue'.

Smash hit 'Funky Friday' artist, Fredo, released his new album 'Third Avenue' on the 1st February 2019, after hosting a listening party in London one day before.

The Grime MC does a 'tell all' with Apple Music and breaks down his 'Third Avenue' album. The London-bred rapper made an announcement he promised fans he will be "more open" this year.

Fredo opens up in 'Third Avenue' and tells us about each song
Fredo opens up in 'Third Avenue' and tells us about each song. Picture: Instagram

Fredo gives his thoughts behind every song on the album;

“Survival of the Fittest”
“I had that song for, like, a year. We didn’t want to start with nothing too jumpy, or nothing too vibesy. We just wanted to start it with something more 'core.”

“When it comes to individual songs, I never sit down with a plan on what sort of song I want to do. The beat decides it for me. Here the beat made me think about mornings. Before you know it, I just decided to go down that road.”

“We tried something different on this, with the funeral-style organs. Again, the beat just brought this song out. I’ll just give people my email and tell them to send me beats. If I like them, I’ll use them. That’s how I found most of the main people I use. Through my email.”

“Money Maker”
“I hope this is a big one. You never know what’s going to go off, though. I wrote 'Money Maker' in 15 minutes; I don’t usually write songs so quick, but that beat is crazy. I don’t have notebooks lying around with bars in them. I’ve never just written. It's always to a beat.”

“Pray for You”
“This is about shit that I’ve been through. People have been saying to me that I’m deep and that I’m rapping a lot about this and that, but I just rap about my life. I don’t sit down and think about being deep and shit.”

“I like this tune. It’s fun. I’ve got a couple of catchphrases now, and ‘Big Man Ting’ could be one.”

“Property Picking”
“Life’s changing and I’m just rapping about it.”

“All I Ever Wanted (feat. Dave)”
“Dave’s a genius. It’s not hard to work with him when he’s making beats and hooks like he is. He’s the most interesting artist I’ve worked with because he can play the piano, make beats and do everything. And he’s real humble. Does he bring out a different side to me? No, only girls can do that. And family and shit.”

“It’s Like”
“You can’t go wrong with that beat there. There’s no chorus, too. And no one’s ever said anything to me about needing choruses, or telling me not to say certain things. You can’t flipping see someone’s progress and want to do business with them, then ask them to change. That doesn’t make sense.”

Fredo's listening party for 'Third Avenue'
Fredo's listening party for 'Third Avenue'. Picture: Instagram

“Doing the Most (feat. Lil Dotz)”
“Lil Dotz is my friend GDotz’s little brother. GDotz passed away in 2012, and I’ve watched his brother grow up, and he’s good at rapping. He’s got a couple of songs out, and they’re doing good. I needed him on there. I could’ve had anyone on the album from the UK, really. I didn’t say no to anyone, I just didn’t say yes.”

“They Don’t”
“I’ve been through situations with disloyal people. I know what’s going on now. I like to learn from other people’s mistakes. There are a lot of people you can’t trust when you’re living a certain kind of way. Everyone’s not going to react to stuff the same way you do. That took me a long time to understand.”

“Love You for That”
“As soon as I heard that beat, I knew this one would be the song for my mum. I give my mum too much special treatment, so I wouldn’t play this for her before it came out! I don’t know why, it’s hard to explain! She’s always on at me for exclusives, so she needed to learn to chill a bit. I wanted to make her feel like a kid waiting for their present on her birthday. It’s been driving her mad.”

“Third Avenue”
“It made sense to wrap the album up here. You can’t end an album on a mad crazy hype tune.”

Fredo living his best life at his own listening party for 'Third Avenue'
Fredo living his best life at his own listening party for 'Third Avenue'. Picture: Instagram

In 'Third Avenue', Fredo reflects on his childhood and names the album after at the road he grew up on Mozart Estate, West London. His past projects have been written in jail, but as the artist turns a new leaf, he gives us a insight into his new found life.

Fredo hosted a listening party on the 31st January 2019, and to say the least, it was a huge success. Many of the biggest forces who drive rap and hip-hop culture attended the event.

DigDat performed "Airforce" while Loski and other artists partied and had an amazing time.

In 2017, Fredo dropped his debut mixtape ‘Get Rich Or Get Recalled’ and released his second mixtape ‘Tables Turn’ in 2018. 'Table's Turn' managed to reach to top 5 in the UK official album charts.

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