Bun B Involved In Shock Shooting After Masked Intruder 'Holds Wife At Gunpoint'

25 April 2019, 10:40

Rapper Bun B involved in shooting with home intruder
Rapper Bun B involved in shooting with home intruder. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Rap star Bun B was involved in a shooting after an intruder at his home tried to steal his wife's luxury car.

Rapper Bun B was recently caught up in an incident at his home which resulted in him shooting a man who had broken into his house and tried to steal his wife's luxury car.

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According to reports, Bun B shot suspect Demonte Jackson in the shoulder after he allegedly knocked on the rapper's door and held his wife at gun point.

According to TMZ, police told them that the masked intruder held Bun B's wife Queenie at gunpoint and demanded a host of valuable items be handed over, to which Queenie reportedly offered her luxury Audi which was parked in the garage.

Reports suggest that Bun B heard the incident in his home from upstairs and grabbed his gun before getting into a shoot out with the suspect which ended with the masked intruder running away.

Just hours later Demonte Jackson turned up at a hospital with a gunshot wound to his shoulder and after receiving treatment was swiftly arrested by police over the incident at Bun B's home.

Bun B responded to the incident by posting a number of messages of support from people to his Instagram Story, however he's yet to address the details directly.

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