Who is Abraham from The Cabins? Instagram, age & career revealed

11 January 2021, 16:24

Who is Abraham from The Cabins? Instagram, age & career revealed
Who is Abraham from The Cabins? Instagram, age & career revealed. Picture: Instagram

The popular new dating show 'The Cabins' hosts some of the most entertaining people. Here we have Abraham...

Often dubbed the 'Winter Love Island', The Cabins is ITV2's new dating show and people are loving it.

The Cabins began on Monday January 4 and airs 9pm on weeknights.

The dating show sees a group of contestants on the search for love date each other, but on one condition - they have to move in together.

During the series, each contestants spends 24 hours in a cabin with another contestant.

One of the stars of the show is Abraham, so let's find out a bit more about the student.

  1. How old is Abraham?

    Abraham. Picture: Instagram

    Abraham is a 21-year-old Architecture student from East London. He describes himself as a comedian, model and presenter.

    Abraham is hoping to find a best friend as well as a girlfriend on The Cabins.

    The happy-go-lucky star from the show is also a musician so hopefully we’ll see him showing off his musical talent.

    Abraham revealed that he's been "extremely unfortunate" when it comes to matters of the heart, so we hope he finds his match.

    According to ITV, Abraham said his celebrity crush is Love Island’s Joanna Chimonides.

    He said "I made a TikTok video once that she re-posted on her Instagram."

  2. What is Abraham's Instagram and Twitter?

    Abraham's Instagram handle is @abrahambunga and his Twitter is Abrahambunga1.

    His Instagram boats a whopping 10.7k followers. Abraham posts funny skits and provides feel good content.

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