Drake 'exposed' for trying to date Melyssa Ford & Toccara Jones at the same time

6 March 2020, 15:15 | Updated: 6 March 2020, 15:18

Drake has been exposed for trying to date two women at the same time
Drake has been exposed for trying to date two women at the same time. Picture: Getty

Drake has been exposed by two women he previously dated, after they found out they were dating the rapper at the same time.

Drake's dating life has been exposed in a podcast, with two women who claim they dated the rapper at the same time.

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The two women who claim they both dated the 6 God during the same time is famous video vixen Melyssa Ford and America's Next Top Model alum Toccara Jones.

On Melyssa's podcast with co-host Blue Telusma (Toccara Jones), 'I'm Here For The Food', Ford revealed she found out that she was dating Drake the same time as Jones.

In the episode titled "Chicks Before D*cks," Melyssa and Jones discuss the time that they found out that they were both dealing with the same guy. They unveiled the build up before revealing who it was.

"She's telling me that we're dating the same guy, and you know what I say to her? 'Knock yourself out,'" Melyssa recalls.

Melyssa continued "I didn't have to have a conversation with him—I mean I did, eventually—not eventually, probably like the next day or something like that because he called me".

Toccarra interrupted Ford and said"For his next date," before calling the still-mystery man a "hoe ass."

At that point, Blue asked for them to reveal the name of the guy, saying "on behalf of the audience,". However, Melyssa and Toccarra held out for a while before revealing his identity.

"We are drawing this out," Melyssa admits. "But I just want to finish it off with saying this: there was no way I was losing my friend to this guy, no matter who the f*ck he was. I was not losing my girlfriend."

Toccarra then reaffirmed her point about women should stick together, but Blue instead that they should reveal who they are talking about.

"Can I say it?" Melyssa asks her. "Drake."Blue was totally shocked from the news. "Assh*les," she says, as Toccarra loses it.

"I love Drake," Blue declares. "He's a nice guy," Melyssa admits, as Toccarra notes that, "everybody loves Drake." She's not wrong about that.

Listen to the full episode below.

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