Cardi B Reveals Surprise Plans For "All Female Music Project" Inspired By Lil' Kim

14 August 2019, 12:45

Cardi B reveals she was inspired by Lil Kim to make an all female music project
Cardi B reveals she was inspired by Lil Kim to make an all female music project. Picture: Getty

Cardi B reveals she was inspired by fellow New York female rapper Lil Kim to make an all female music project. Cardi also confirms she is working on her new album.

Cardi B has revealed that she has been inspired by Lil Kim and she wants to follow in her footsteps for a new collaboration. The "Money" rapper admires other female rappers and has revealed she would love to have them on her next project.

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Over the weekend, the Bronx rapper spoke with 92.3 The Beat's Big Boy’s Neighborhood about a secret project she has in the works.

Cardi B revealed that she's working on dropping a secret project before her new album. The internet sensation revealed "I’m in single mode, maybe I’m in a ‘put a little project out’ mode, and then I go into album mode," she told Big Boy.

Although Cardi admitted that she feels the pressure for her next album to be greater than her last project, she teased a massive record that she's working on.

When Cardi was asked about potentially doing a remake of Kimmy Blanco’s 1997 “Ladies Night” single, she revealed v“I want to do this remake, not of ‘Ladies Night,’ but it’s definitely like a ‘Lil Kim-inspired song,” she revealed.

She continued “I definitely [have] a couple of people [in mind]. I would say it but it’s a secret.”“It’s very specific,” she continued.

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Further detailing how she came up with the idea of the new song, Cardi said “I’ve really been having this idea from a Lil Kim song that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time" explained Cardi.

She added "I want to put four female rappers [on it] female rapper that is not signed”.

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