WATCH: Offset Posts Footage Of Cardi B Giving Birth To Kulture In New Album Teaser

12 February 2019, 16:12

Offset announced the upcoming release of his new solo album with a teaser video, which includes footage of Cardi B giving birth to their daughter, Kulture Kiari.

Offset is about to become the third and final member of Migos to release a solo album.

The rapper teased his upcoming solo drop in a new preview video, featuring backstage footage of him performing and recording, as well as snapshots of his personal life.

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During the 45-second clip, Offset can be seen flexing his eye-watering jewellery and talking to his children, before debuting the actual footage of his wife Cardi B giving birth to their daughter Kulture Kiari.

Cardi, who welcomed baby Kulture into the world in July last year, lays down in a hospital gown in the latter stages of labour with medical staff and loved ones by her side.

Offset and Cardi turned heads at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.
Offset and Cardi turned heads at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Picture: Getty

At one point, the camera focuses on a frightened-looking Offset as he stares at his wife from the back of the room.

"She’s right there, she’s right there!’ the doctor says at one point, while the 'Taste' rapper remains in the shadows with his hood up.

Offset's debut album is set to drop on 22nd February, as per the note at the end of the video.

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