Cardi B’s Gift Requests For Her Baby Shower Are Even More Boujee Than You’d Imagine

25 June 2018, 12:44

Cardi B attends the 2018 Met Gala/The Bentley logo on a vintage car.
Cardi B attends the 2018 Met Gala/The Bentley logo on a vintage car. Picture: Getty

The star's lavish registry has allegedly been leaked.

Cardi B is just weeks away from giving birth to her daughter with Offset - and it sounds like that little girl is going to be very lucky.

A report from TMZ claims to have revealed Cardi's luxurious registry list of presents for her daughter ahead of her baby shower in Atlanta.

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The registry list includes a $700 battery-powered baby Bentley Bentayga and an eye-watering $2,799 bassinet, the latter of which will be covered in gold leaf for an extra $839. 

In addition, the 'I Like It' rapper has allegedly requested a BEABA Babycook Set for making baby food, which comes in at $200.

According to the publication, the baby shower took place in Atlanta over the weekend, with sources claiming that Cardi received all of the luxurious items on her registry.

The rapper recently tweeted about doing her registry, admitting that he wanted to presents for herself rather than her little girl.

"Doing my registry but i wanna add gifts for myself," she wrote over the weekend. "My baby think i need this Gucci dress [...] let me stop."

"I want a lit baby shower," Cardi recently told Rolling Stone. "My baby shower’s not starting at no 5:00. My s**t is going to start at 9 p.m. because that’s how I celebrate, that's how Caribbean people celebrate."

"I don't like baby showers that be at 5 p.m. in the backyard, eating, cooking hors d’oeuvres. Nah," she added. "S**t, I might even drink some red wine. Red wine's healthy, right?"

However, Cardi's original plans to gave two baby showers - one in Atlanta and one in New York - fell through after her doctor advised her not to fly.

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