Fans Attempt To Attack Pregnant Cardi B Outside Of Clothing Store

15 May 2018, 10:26 | Updated: 15 May 2018, 16:53

Cardi faced more drama this weekend after deleting her Instagram account...


Cardi B was reportedly involved in an altercation outside of a boutique store because of a dispute over shopping.

The pregnant ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper allegedly asked the store to ensure the public left before she arrived, so she could shop alone.

She was then involved in a heated argument before being ushered away by guards.

Cardi B is yet to respond to the drama.

14th May 2018

Cardi B appeared to harassed outside of a clothing store following her huge feud with Azealia Banks.

The ‘Bodak Yellow’, rapper who is currently pregnant with Offset’s baby, was threatened by people as she attempted to enter a shop with security guards.

A woman had to be held back as she attempted to confront Cardi B, while a man yelled threats through the glass doors.

“Come outside n*gga, come outside you b*tch,” he yelled at Cardi.

Watch the video above.

Cardi appeared to be ushered away from the drama and into the shop by a host of security guards.

The rapper surprised fans this weekend after she deleted her Instagram account and set her Twitter account to private, following an argument with Azealia Banks.

Cardi sent Banks a lengthy response after being called a “caricature of a black woman” in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club.

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