Beyoncé Pregnancy Rumours Sparked As Fans Discuss 'Nose And Face Changes'

8 October 2019, 12:40

Beyonce fans have sparked pregnancy rumours surrounding the singer once again.
Beyonce fans have sparked pregnancy rumours surrounding the singer once again. Picture: Getty

Fans of the 38-year-old singer are saying they can "see it in her face" that she's pregnant again, as well as spotting a "bump" in new photos.

Beyoncé has found herself at the centre of a fresh batch of pregnancy rumours following her appearance at Tyler Perry's studio opening.

Beyoncé Fans Convinced She's Pregnant After Spotting 'Clues' In Her New Photos

The 38-year-old superstar wore a figure-hugging golden gown by Kuwaiti designer, Yousef Al Jasmi, to the star-studded event, which took place in Atlanta.

Some fans are convinced they've spotted a blossoming baby bump in photos of Beyoncé taken during the evening, while others speculated that her nose and face are a complete giveaway.

"Guys.... is Beyoncé pregnant or am I trippin?" pondered one fan on social media, "It’s less about her tummy and more about what her nose is saying to me..."

"I know her weight fluctuates BUT this pic of Beyoncé...she look like she’s pregnant" echoed another, "Nose spreading or something." However, not all fans believe the rumours.

"Y'all went from accusing Beyoncé of faking pregnancies to saying she pregnant everytime she walk out the door," argued one user.

"All the ladies on my timeline talking about beyonce pregnant. Please learn to stop policing other women’s body’s. It’s insensitive and tasteless.... if she is you’ll know soon enough," posted another.

Queen Bey, of course, is yet to respond to the rumours.

Back in August, the 'Brown Skin Girl' hitmaker sparked speculation that a little brother or sister to Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir was on the way after posting a series of purple-themed photos on Instagram.

One of them showed her covering her stomach with her arms and a purple bag, while others suggested the cover of her 'Lion King: The Gift' album was also a clue-dropper.

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