All of the best memes about Beyoncé's new album Renaissance

29 July 2022, 09:48 | Updated: 29 July 2022, 11:06

Beyonce recaps one seriously epic year

New Beyoncé tunes means new Beyoncé memes!

The wait is almost over Beyhive, as Beyoncé is releasing her first solo project in 5 years, titled 'Renaissance' on Friday (July 29).

She is referring to her album drop as 'Act 1', so it is likely that we will get more than the 16-track album in the coming months.

Of course all of this new Beyoncé content means that the world is going crazy for Queen B, which means many memes have been made documenting the Beyhive coping with the news of the release.

The album is here!

The run-up to the release

Beyoncé new album on Friday? Never heard of her.

Friday is for Beyoncé and Beyoncé only.

How has the time come to listen to 15 new Beyoncé tracks?

We are going to be well and truly FED.

Who knows what it's going to sound like?

With a list of samples and songwriters as great as it is, Renaissance is going to be incred.

It's Beyoncé's world and we are just living in it.

Bey we are waiting!

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