50 Cent's son Marquise responds after rapper says he would "choose Tekashi 6ix9ine" over him

9 April 2020, 11:14 | Updated: 9 April 2020, 11:20

50 Cent says he would choose Tekashi 6ix9ine over his son
50 Cent says he would choose Tekashi 6ix9ine over his son. Picture: Getty

50 Cent's oldest biological son Marquise has responded after the rapper said he would pick Tekashi 6ix9ine over him.

50 Cent has never held back when it comes to expressing his estranged relationship with his oldest son, Marquise Jackson – and neither did Marquise.

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However, this time 50 Cent has referred to rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine as his "son" and claims he would rather pick the rainbow-hair coloured rapper over his 22-year-old biological son.

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On Wednesday (Apr 8) Footage of 50 Cent's Instagram Live surfaced where he revealed he'd prefer to choose Tekashi over Marquise.

While the rapper interacted with his fans on the app, someone asked if he had "Seen his son yet?."

A fan presumably asked a question referring to Tekashi being released from prison early due to the coronavirus pandemic.

50 Cent responded "Nah, I ain't heard from 6ix9ine," 50 replied. "He's his mother's child now. He told on everybody."

Fif then went to compare him to Marquise, saying "He better than Marquise, though. I'll take him before I take my actual... f*ck that ni**a."

After Marquise caught wind of his father's comments, he took to his Instagram story to respond.

"I ain't get a chance to hop in the most gangsterest live ever, but everybody tagged me in it. Here it go right here, let's see what he said," says Marquise, before replaying a recording of 50's IG live video.

Marquise responded "Did he just say he would claim a rat?" Marquise laughed to himself.

50's son continued "Aw nah, I don't want no parts of that cheese y'all eating over there, big fella. I don't know what y'all got going on. I don't know what y'all got going on over there."

" That's some other sh*t."he added.

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