Tokyo's Revenge: Everything you need to know about the 'THOT!' rapper

4 February 2020, 11:00 | Updated: 27 February 2020, 17:10

Tokyo's Revenge has been labelled a XXXTentacion clone
Tokyo's Revenge has been labelled a XXXTentacion clone. Picture: Instagram

From controversial lyrics to XXXTentacion comparisons, rapper Tokyo's Revenge is making a big name for himself.

Having emerged towards the end of 2019, rapper Tokyo's Revenge won plenty of fans with his unique style and super-lit flow - but not many people know that much about the 'GOODMORNINGTOKYO!' rapper.

So here's everything you need to know about Tokyo's Revenge...

What is Tokyo's Revenge's real name?

Tokyo's Revenge has never revealed his real name and in an interview with Complex the rapper claimed he wants to remain as anonymous as possible.

He explained, "For now, while I'm still a dickhead, I can be like, 'I’m 444 years old.' I want to stay as anonymous as possible". He went on to say, "I don't really care that much, but I try to hold back as much information as possible so people think about me and the music separately."

Tokyo's Revenge released his 'MDNGHT (SIDE B' EP in November 2019
Tokyo's Revenge released his 'MDNGHT (SIDE B' EP in November 2019. Picture: Instagram

Where is Tokyo's revenge from?

Like his name and age, Tokyo's Revenge has kept his home town private and continues to share as little information about his personal life as possible.

In his interview with Complex the rapper said, 'I want people to listen to my music and not worry about where I'm from, because I think that certain places are associated with certain sounds."

"If I say my name is “Lil Something” and I'm from Chicago and I'm 19 years old, you'll probably have an expectation of what my music is supposed to sound like, right?"

What does Tokyo's Revenge mean?

The 'THOT!' rapper revealed that his name has a pretty literal meaning. He told Complex, "The Tokyo part kind of just came from culture stuff, like having a huge admiration for Japan, because I'm a huge anime head".

"The reason that I have the Revenge part is because the best revenge on n***as who was doubting you, or felt some type of way about you, is to outdo them and do better than them in your life, so that way they have to suffer and watch you from a completely different perspective."


How did Tokyo's Revenge become famous?

TikTok was the platform which helped to launch the career of Tokyo's Revenge as his song 'GOODMORNINGTOKYO!' went viral when it was featured on the social platform.

After initially sparking when one of his friends shared a TikTok using the song, the track quickly became a trend and eventually took over. Tokyo stated, "There were so many different mini trends that people made out of the song by itself, and now it's sitting at over a million TikToks made to that song," in his interview with Complex.

Why is Tokyo's Revenge compared to XXXTentacion?

Rapper XXXTentacion was killed back in 2018 and since Tokyo's Revenge has begun to become more established in the Hip Hop scene many have compared his style to the late rapper.

XXXTentacion was known for his eclectic style, fusing singing and rapping together and often using softer, guitar/piano-led instrumentals for his tracks and that's something we've also seen from Tokyo's Revenge on songs like 'Drug Lullaby'.

Speaking about comparisons on Twitter, Tokyo's Revenge said, 'im learning to deal with comparisons and exposure, i make music to make people happy, not to be graded, judged, and compared. But im growing:) to ignore the hate, i learned comparisons are normal, I can name 10 artists that when they first surfaced were compared to thugger'.

Is Tokyo's Revenge a TikTok rapper?

With the term 'SoundCloud Rapper' being used to describe artists like Post Malone who became famous on the music platform, many people have described Tokyo's Revenge as a 'TikTok Rapper', addressing the platform which helped him secure his big break.

Speaking to Complex on his thoughts about that title, the rapper said, The labels they try to apply literally don't matter to me.

What are Tokyo's Revenge's most controversial lyrics?

In his song 'GOODMORNINGTOKYO!', Tokyo's Revenge raps a lyric about YouTuber James Charles in which he says, 'I can't see the bulls**t like Ray Charles, uh, Y'all n***as **** like James Charles, uh'.

Addressing the James Charles lyric, Tokyo told Complex, "I chose to bleep [the James Charles lyric] because it just sounded cool. I have another song that's unreleased, where I just put bleeps in certain parts, where I didn't even say anything crazy, but I just liked the way it sounded.

What is Tokyo's Revenge's Instagram and Twitter?

On Twitter, you can find Tokyo's Revenge using the handle @KyotosRevgene. On Instagram, Tokyo's Revenge uses the same handle, @kyotosrevenge.

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