Lil Piru: Who is the tattooed 'Glock' rapper?

27 November 2019, 16:05

Lil Piru is a rapper from Los Angeles
Lil Piru is a rapper from Los Angeles. Picture: Instagram

Los Angeles-based rapper Lil Piru was recently released from jail after being arrested in July 2019.

Who is Lil Piru?

Lil Piru is a rapper from Los Angeles, California. He's released a number of songs over the last twelve months including 'Dopeboy', 'Diamonds On My Wrist' and 'Glock'.

What tattoos does Lil Piru have?

Rapper Lil Piru has a number of tattoos covering the majority of his head and face. Some of these include a gun under his left eye, a cross on his forehead and a large bag of money on his neck.

Lil Piru also has tattoos covering his arms and hands - these include an AK47 rifle on his wrist and the workd 'Loyalty' on his right hand.

Is rapper Lil Piru in a gang?

The word Piru is an acronym for 'People in red uniforms' and is a reference to the Bloods gang from Los Angeles. The group wear red and originate from Piru Street in Compton.

Lil Piru has a number of red tattoos, including a red 'xoxo' underneath his left eye and many fans have suggested his red ink and name are a reference to his gang affiliation with the Bloods.

What songs has Lil Piru released?

The Los Angeles rapper has posted a number of tracks on his Soundcloud account. 'Glock' is the most popular, followed by his track 'Diamonds On my Wrist'. 'Glock' is his first song to receive its own music video.

Lil Piru has not yet released an album.

Why was Lil Piru arrested?

In July 2019, a post on Instagram from Lil Piru's management revealed that the rapper had been arrested for felony drug possession amongst other charges.

The post read, 'Lil Piru was arrested last night in downtown Los Angeles. We are currently working on getting him released on bail. He is being charged with felony drug possession, unlawful possession of a firearm and disorderly conduct. After searching the car police found one loaded handgun, 2 kilos of cocaine and 19 grams marijuana. We will keep you updated with any further developments'

The rapper was released at the end of November 2019.

What is Lil Piru's net worth?

Lil Piru's net worth is currently unknown.

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