23 Hip Hop pub quiz questions to use on Houseparty or Zoom

22 April 2020, 15:48 | Updated: 22 April 2020, 16:14

23 Hip Hop questions for your pub quiz
23 Hip Hop questions for your pub quiz. Picture: Getty

Need some Hip Hop questions for a quiz with your mates? We've got everything you need!

Quizzes on apps such as Houseparty, Whatsapp and Zoom have become one of the most popular ways to pass time whilst everyone's stuck indoors during the coronavirus lockdown.

So whether you need some questions for a pub quiz music round or you're hosting a full-on Hip Hop quiz, here are 23 Hip Hop questions for you to use and test your mates with...

  1. Which rap duo joined forces to release the album 'Watch The Throne' in 2011?

    Kanye West and Jay Z

  2. Eminem starred in a 2002 film about his life story, but what was it called?

    8 Mile

  3. What's the name of 50 Cent's crew which included Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo and released the album 'Beg For Mercy' in 2003?

    G Unit

  4. Migos are made up of rappers Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, but which is married to Cardi B?


  5. Which acronym did Drake and Lil Wayne popularise with their song 'The Motto' in 2012?

    Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once)

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  6. Which rap group that released iconic album 'Straight Outta Compton' in 1988 featured Dr Dre as a founding member?


  7. OutKast are made up of two members - Andre 3000 and who?

    Big Boi

  8. Which of these was not a member of Wu Tang Clan - Raekwon, Eazy E or Ghostface Killah?

    Eazy E

  9. Snoop Dogg changed his name when he released reggae album 'Reincarnated' in 2012, but what did he change it to?

    Snoop Lion

  10. Missy Elliot "put her thing down, flipped it and reveresed it" back in 2002, but was was her song which featured that famous lyric called?

    Work It

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  11. What was the name of the record label Diddy began back in 1993 which helped launch the career of The Notorious B.I.G?

    Bad Boy Records

  12. Which luxury clothing brand did Lil Pump shout out 49 times on his 2018 breakthrough hit?


  13. How many members make up rap group Beastie Boys?

    3. Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock.

  14. Kanye West famously interrupted the acceptance speech of which singer at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards?

    Taylor Swift

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  15. Which group was Lauryn Hill part of before she released her debut solo album in 1998?


  16. Travis Scott released his album 'Astroworld' in 2018, but which track saw then-girlfriend Kylie Jenner appear in the music video?

    Stop Trying to Be God

  17. T.I. sampled viral internet video 'Numa Numa' on a 2008 song alongside Rihanna - what was it called?

    Live Your Life

  18. Which rapper originated the popular term 'Hot Girl Summer'?

    Megan Thee Stallion

  19. Tupac famously had two large words tattooed on his stomach - what were they?

    Thug Life

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  20. Ja Rule was involved in organising which failed festival which became the subject of a hit Netflix documentary in 2019?

    Fyre Festival

  21. Before becoming a rapper, which job did Rick Ross famously do?

    Correctional Officer

  22. Which country was French Montana born in?


  23. Which of these is not a real rapper - NBA Youngboy YNW Melly or ASAP Randy?

    ASAP Randy

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