Eminem's Best Album: Ranked By Fans

25 October 2019, 10:21

Eminem's Best Album: Ranked By Fans
Eminem's Best Album: Ranked By Fans. Picture: Getty

Over the last two decades, Eminem has released ten brilliant albums - but which one have you guys picked as his best?

When it comes to Eminem, the rapper's albums can be divisive. Records that some people love, others won't be the biggest fan of and vice versa.

One thing can't be denied however - that Slim Shady is one of the greatest rappers of his generation.

So we've decided to put the power in your hands and let you decide which Eminem album is the best. Will you go old-skool with his earlier releases or will 2018 release 'Kamikaze' end up on top?

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