Who is 645AR: The rapper whose "squeak rap" style has gone viral?

15 January 2020, 17:39 | Updated: 16 January 2020, 09:06


Social media has gone wild for the latest track '4 DA TRAP', whilst the rapper's unique style has left some confused.

Every now and again Hip Hop mixes things up and a rapper with a brand new style shakes up the natural order of things - for 2020, that artist is 645AR.

Who is 645AR?

645AR is a rapper from South Bronx, Atlanta. He's released a number of tracks over the last 12 months, including a 15-track album self-titled album. Aside from his music though, little else is known about the ATL rapper.

What is 645AR's biggest song?

Released at the end of 2019, 'Gangsta' is arguably 645AR's biggest song, however the rapper's latest effort '4DA TRAP' recently began going viral on social media.

The song was shared by social media personality DJ Akademiks on Instagram and quickly gained notoriety due to 645AR's unique rapping style.

Why is 645AR's music controversial?

Mumble rap has been the butt of jokes from Hip Hop purists over the last few years, with artists such as Future and Desiigner still managing to find mainstream success despite the lack of clarity over what they're actually saying in their songs.

645AR also comes with a slightly hard-to-understand style but rather than 'mumbling' his style is much more high pitched. People on social media have claimed they find it hard to hear what he's rapping in his songs.

The rapper claims he got his unique vocal style after a chance interaction with Mickey Mouse, who transferred his high-pitched vocal tones to 645AR.

Which rapper's is 645AR similar to?

Many people on social media have likened 645A's unique high-pitched sound to that of fellow rapper Pressa. Whilst Pressa's flow is less high-pitched than that of the ATL rapper, it's equally unique to the rap game.

Young Thug is another rapper whose individual style has been the subject of social media talk over the years too.

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