30 Headie One 'Edna' lyrics that are perfect for Instagram captions

9 October 2020, 12:15 | Updated: 9 October 2020, 16:51

Headie One Opens Up About 'EDNA', Drake, Aitch & More | Capital XTRA

Headie One's got you covered.

After major anticipation, Headie One has finally dropped his debut album Edna - and it was well worth the wait.

Named after his mother who sadly passed away when he was three-years-old, the Tottenham rapper has come through with some huge bangers and features from the likes of Future ('Hear No Evil'), Aitch ('Parlez-Vous Anglais'), Young T & Bugsey ('Princess Cuts'), Skepta ('Try Me') and more.

So, if you're looking for a new Instagram caption, Headie One has delivered the bars to soundtrack your snaps.

30 Headie One 'Edna' lyrics that are perfect for Instagram captions
30 Headie One 'Edna' lyrics that are perfect for Instagram captions. Picture: Getty
  1. About relationships

    So many different philosophies before I learned to love properly - 'Teach Me'

    I still can't mix pleasure with business, sorry princess - 'Ain't It Different'

    Canary princess cuts for my baby - 'Princess Cuts'

    When my heart get cold, who can I call? - 'Cold' (Kaash Paige)

    Girls from the past that lost me love me - 'Only You Freestyle' (Drake)

    Sharing's caring but some things I want is mine alone - 'Breathing'

    Sometimes I feel like every girl in the world is into me - 'You / Me'

  2. About style

    Tracksuit in season, it match the interior - 'Teach Me'

    I got baptised in my rose gold pieces - 'Psalm35'

    Cartier shades, course they fit nicely - 'Try Me'

    Black tie but I'm dressed informal - 'Ain't It Different' (Stormzy)

    CC bag look nice, but the Birkin bag look way more heavy - 'Only You Freestyle' (Drake)

    I'm in Dior, I'm a Christian, praise the Lord - 'Princess Cuts'

    My tracksuit Louis, now covered in Fenty - 'Only You Freestyle'

    All those double C's, I got a Chanel side - 'Princess Cuts'

    Don't do drip but I still stay classy - 'Ain't It Different' (Stormzy)

    GG on my waist, CC on my trainers - 'Parlez-Vous Anglais' (Aitch)

    Headie One x Drake - Only You Freestyle

  3. About success

    I'm makin' too much money, next watch will have to be a Richard Mille - 'Teach Me'

    All the times that I wanted to call it quits, I stayed - 'Triple Science'

    Stars in roofs, sky's the limit, they didn't lie - 'The Light'

    Everything come full circle, word to the boss above me - 'Only You Freestyle' (Drake)

    My lifestyle's wonderful, my future is colourful - '21 Gun Salute'

    They can't compare me, I'm livin' la vida - 'Hear No Evil' (Future)

    Now the roof down on the tunnel, we got tunnel vision - 'Breathing'

  4. About travel

    Just stepped off a boat, Monaco, I'm seasick - 'Psalm35'

    Now I'm just shellin' in Copenhagan - 'The Light'

    St. Tropez, me and shorty - 'Parlez-Vous Anglais'

    Hoppin' in Paris like I'm mobbin' in Rio - 'Hear No Evil' (Future)

  5. About cars

    Barе chest in the Rolls Royce, park up and I jump out - 'Try Me' (Skepta)

    Bentley, Range, then Bentley - 'Only You Freestyle'

    Six-litre engine and we're racing - 'F U Pay Me'

    Whip goes fast and the crib’s outrageous - 'Parlez-Vous Anglais' (Aitch)