20 Throwback Songs Every Noughties Kid Had On Their iPod: From Keri Hilson To Neyo

4 September 2019, 16:57 | Updated: 5 September 2019, 11:43

Nelly Furtado's 'Say It Right' and Keri Hilson's 'Knock You Down' music videos
If you grew up in the Noughties, you definitely had these songs on your iPod. Picture: YouTube

If you didn't play these songs on repeat, were you even a Noughties kid?

The Noughties marked a time when bright blue eyeshadow, thin strands of hair combined with slick back ponytails and Helly Hansen jackets were socially acceptable - as was it considered "cool" to carry your PE kit in a Jane Norman carrier bag (but let's not go there).

Shocking fashion faux pas aside, the Noughties was also an era which brought us many banging tunes, especially on the R&B scene.

Celebrating the launch of XTRA Reloaded, we take a look at classic throwback tracks that you 100% had on your iPod, if you were at school then.

1) 'Knock You Down' by Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo

Keri Hilsonft. Kanye West, Ne-Yo - Knock You Down (Official Video)

2) 'Say It Right' by Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado - Say It Right (Official Music Video)

3) 'Closer' by Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo - Closer (Official Music Video)

4) 'Dilemma' by Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland

Nelly - Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland (Official Music Video)

5) 'With You' by Chris Brown

Chris Brown - With You (Official Music Video)

5) 'All Of The Lights' by Kanye West ft. Rihanna and Kid Cudi

Kanye West - All Of The Lights ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi

6) 'Say My Name' by Destiny's Child

Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Official Video)

7) 'Umbrella' by Rihanna ft. Jay-Z

Rihanna - Umbrella (Orange Version) ft. JAY-Z

8) 'Always On Time' by Ja Rule ft. Ashanti

Ja Rule ft. Ashanti - Always On Time (Official Video)

9) 'What Would You Do?' by City High

City High - What Would You Do?

10) 'Live Your Life' by T.I. ft. Rihanna

T.I. - Live Your Life ft. Rihanna [Official Video]

11) 'Bed Rock' by Young Money

Young Money - Bed Rock (Official Video)

12) 'Unfaithful' by Rihanna

Rihanna - Unfaithful

13) 'U-Turn' by Usher

Usher - U-Turn

14) '99 Problems' by Jay-Z

JAY-Z - 99 Problems

15) 'Watcha Say' by Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say (Video)

16) 'American Boy' by Estelle ft. Kanye West

Estelle - American Boy [Feat. Kanye West] [Video]

17) 'Forever' by Chris Brown

Chris Brown - Forever (Official Music Video)

18) 'Ride With Me' by Nelly ft. St Lunatics

Nelly - Ride Wit Me ft. St. Lunatics (Official Music Video)

19) 'Crazy In Love' by Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z

Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z

20) 'Cry Me A River' by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River (Official Music Video)