Dr Dre thinks Hip Hop in 2019 is "quantity over quality"

Dr Dre thinks 2019 Hip Hop is "quantity over quality"

Dr Dre to receive special GRAMMY Award

Dr Dre Honoured By GRAMMYs With Special Producer Award

50 Cent reveals why Eminem turned down a joint tour with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg

50 Cent Reveals Why Eminem Turned Down Joint Tour With Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre

Dr Dre has reportedly been sued by two of his former housekeepers

Dr Dre Reportedly Being Sued By His Own Housekeepers For Alleged Poor Treatment

Dr Dre Accused Of Clout Chasing Following Nipsey Hussle's Death

Dr Dre Accused Of Clout Chasing Over Nipsey Hussle Tribute Picture

Suge Knight once saved Tupac and Dr Dre from a shooting

Suge Knight "Once Saved Tupac & Dr Dre From Being Shot At A Party" Claims Eyewitness