Who is Bhad Bhabie's ex-boyfriend & baby father Le Vaughn? Age & Rapper Name Revealed

9 July 2024, 11:39

Who is Bhad Bhabie's ex-boyfriend & baby father Le Vaughn? Age & Rapper Name Revealed
Who is Bhad Bhabie's ex-boyfriend & baby father Le Vaughn? Age & Rapper Name Revealed. Picture: Getty Images / Instagram

Who is Le Vaughn, Bhad Bhabie's ex-boyfriend and baby father? Here's everything you need to know about the rapper.

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Bhad Bhabie has shocked fans after coming out and accusing her now ex-boyfriend Le Vaughn of domestic abuse after sharing a video of her child's father allegedly assaulting her.

The 21-year-old welcomed her first child, daughter Kali Love, in March 2024, and these Instagram posts seemingly confirmed the end of her and Le Vaughn's four-year relationship.

So, who is Bhad Bhabie's ex-boyfriend and baby father Le Vaughn? Here's everything you need to know about him and the 'Gucci Flip Flops' rapper's relationship.

Bhad Bhabie has shared shocking footage of a man she describes to be her ex-boyfriend assaulting her.
Bhad Bhabie has revealed her and Le Vaughn are no longer together. . Picture: Instagram

Who is Bhad Bhabie's ex and baby daddy Le Vaughn?

Bhad Bhabie kept her relationship with now ex-boyfriend Le Vaughn relatively private, however we do know he makes music.

He is 26-year-old and from Florida, and began making music on SoundCloud and YouTube with the artist name XGameLV.

He then started working in the fashion industry, before becoming more well known as Bhad Bhabie's boyfriend in 2020.

Bhad Bhabie and her boyfriend, Le Vaughn.
Bhad Bhabie shared this picture of her and ex-boyfriend, Le Vaughn. Picture: Instagram @BHADBHABIE

The pair posted a few couple snaps online, however these have since been deleted. The couple also got matching tattoos with each others names inked.

However, Bhad Bhabie shared shocking footage of Le Vaughn allegedly abusing her in July 2024, which shows her repeatedly struck by a man she identified as her ex-boyfriend.

She also shared two graphic pictures of an extremely bruised and swollen eye and deep scratches to her skin.

Bhad Bhabie turned 20 last week.
Bhad Bhabie shot to fame aged 13. . Picture: Getty

Bhad Bhabie directly addressed the abuse allegations on her story, revealing that she shared the footage to show Le Vaughn 'what he does is wrong' and to 'take accountability' for his actions.

The rapper later posted on her IG stories that her and Le Vaughn had been estranged since May, and spoke about their daughter in another post.

"This man thinks he is gonna take my daughter from me!!! Say whatever you want, tryna take my baby is crazy."

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