EXCLUSIVE: Kano Breaks Down New Album ‘Made In The Manor’

14 March 2016, 17:18 | Updated: 18 April 2017, 16:39

The 'Hail' rapper spoke to Manny Norte On The Norte Show.

While on The Norte Show, Kano broke down his new album ‘Made In The Manor exclusively for Manny Norte on Capital XTRA. 

The Grime MC also revealed that his friends and family inspired him to get back into the studio and record the album, following a six-year hiatus.

“You don’t know how much [making music] can do to someone’s mood because there’s always times as an artist you think this is long,” he said.

“But one thing happens and it makes you realise why you do it.” 

Kano also revealed his expectations for the album.

“Not one bit of this is about trying to gain mainstream success, its been totally natural, organic and real,” he said.

Kano’s new album ‘Made In The Manor’ is out now.

Watch highlights from the interview above.

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