Future's ex Brittni Mealy savagely trolls him with Lori Harvey meme

15 January 2021, 12:51 | Updated: 13 January 2023, 14:23

Future's ex Brittni Mealy savagely trolls him with Lori Harvey meme
Future's ex Brittni Mealy savagely trolls him with Lori Harvey meme. Picture: Getty/Instagram

The rapper's ex has seemingly thrown shade at how quickly he moved on, with reference to his ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey.

Future's ex-girlfriend and mother to his son, Brittni Mealy has trolled the rapper with a savage meme about his ex Lori Harvey.

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On Thursday (Jan 14) the 30-year-old influencer, who split with Future back in 2018, took shots at the rapper on her Instagram story.

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Brittni, who shares her son Prince Wilburn with Future, shared a meme which shows Lori Harvey on a book cover titled Think Like a Man and Act Like That N***a too'.

The meme is a play on Lori's step-father, Steve Harvey's 2012 book 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man'.

Brittni is seemingly referring to Lori Harvey's previous relationship with Future, and she's hinting Lori is playing Future at his own game - quickly moving onto the next relationship.

According to On Site, Brittni uploaded the meme to her Instagram story and wrote "Facts" on the post.

Many social media users clapped back at Brittni, telling her to "move on."

Last month, Brittni clarified her comments about Future making threats at their son's superhero-themed 8th birthday party.

Brittni wrote a length post on social media addressing her previous claims. She wrote “I wasn’t gone say anything regarding the other night but I feel like it’s only fair and the mature thing to do.”

She continued, “As a women a business woman and a mother clearing it up and not leaving something so serious up in the air regarding violence is the right thing to do."

"With all the disrespect for women being at a all time high and the whole Meg situation shooting a women is not being taken lightly."

She added, “With that being said I just wanna say when people are in a heated situation things can escalate quickly and we are all human we say things we don’t mean.”

Brittni wrapped up the post, writing “Do I agree with a lot of choice he makes? Hell fuck no. Am I tryna defend any kinda unacceptable behavior? No. But that’s doesn’t mean I want to paint a picture of him to the world like he is this violent hateful man and bad mean father."

"He make sure I’m good he make sure our son Is good we family we go through things and that’s that.”

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