Tupac fans convinced rapper is still alive after '2022 photo' goes viral

22 June 2022, 17:01

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A picture of the late rapper has recently got fans questioning the date of when it was taken

A new photograph of late rapper Tupac Shakur has resurfaced that some believe was taken recently.

The rapper died aged 25 in 1996 after being shot in Las Vegas.

Throughout the years, there has been speculation and gossip suggesting that Tupac didn't die and instead fled to another character.

Tupac before his death
Tupac before his death. Picture: Getty Images

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The rumours began again when an image resurfaced of the late rapper sat in a car, with the caption, 'this picture screams 2022'.

Another said that his bald hair was man indicator that he was alive.

Some fans have spotted grey hair, believing that he would be older than 25-years-old in this image.

Others have remarked that as his murder is unsolved, 'I guess nobody actually killed the guy', tweeted a fan.

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Tupac in concert
Tupac in concert. Picture: Getty Images

However, some fans have debunked these claims, stating that the image is edited using new software that enhances the quality of older images.

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The whole picture shows Tupac in an early 90's car, suggesting that the image is indeed decades old.

One sceptical fan tweeted that 'Police need to investigate the death of Tupac' and that it is 'hard to believe he died 26 years ago'.

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