R Kelly's Girlfriend Azriel Clary Addresses Relationship Status Following Singer's Arrest - WATCH

23 July 2019, 11:42 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 11:45

Azriel Clary had been living with R Kelly when he was arrested recently on multiple sexual misconduct charges in Chicago.

One of R Kelly's girlfriends Azriel Clary has taken to Snapchat to open up about her relationship status with the R&B singer following his arrest on charges including sex trafficking.

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Azriel Clary, who previously appeared in an interview alongside R Kelly's other girlfriend Jocelyn Savage following the release of the 'Surviving R Kelly' documentary, has claimed that she's still very happy with R Kelly despite the new charges.

Having posted videos on Snapchat trying to decide what to wear for a night out, Azriel returned to the social media platform to hit out at blogs who had shared the clips and revealed their shock that she has a phone - something her parents claimed she was banned from having by R Kelly.

Speaking in the video above, Azriel says, "Whoever thought they was doing something by posting my story to 'The Shade Room' and screenshotting it...okay, first of all, I've always had a f*cking phone."

She goes on to say, "So, I don't get where people think, 'Oh my gosh, she has a phone, wow.' No, I've always had a phone. Just because my parents put it out there that I don't have a phone, that's them. I don't talk to my parents. I'm not in communication with my parents, and I don't want to talk to my parents."

In a later clip, Azriel states, "People are going to say what they want. People are going to take whatever they want and turn it into whatever they want. But at the end of the day, let it be known that I am definitely in love with Robert f*cking Kelly."

R Kelly was arrested recently in Chicago but it has emerged he will now be taken to New York 'for his arraignment on racketeering charges that allege he recruited young girls for sexual abuse at concerts across the country' the Chicago Tribune revealed.

When he was arrested in Chicago, R Kelly was charged with 18 counts of serious sexual misconduct amongst other charges and was later reportedly held in solitary confinement as he allegedly feared other prisoners.

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