Snoop Dogg fans drag Jada Pinkett-Smith after new video reveals confrontation over Gayle King rant

24 February 2020, 13:30 | Updated: 5 October 2020, 12:46

Snoop Dogg fans accuse Jada Pinkett-Smith of "guilt tripping" rapper over his Gayle King comments
Snoop Dogg fans accuse Jada Pinkett-Smith of "guilt tripping" rapper over his Gayle King comments. Picture: Getty

Jada Pinkett-Smith has received backlash after confronting Snoop Dogg, over his Gayle King comments.

Snoop Dogg recently apologised for his "disrespectful" comments towards Gayle King after he was outraged by her question about Kobe Bryant's alleged rape case in an interview.

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However, the 48-year-old rapper went on Jada Pinkett-Smith's show Red Table Talk to discuss his online rant directed at Gayle King.

In a preview clip of Red Table Talk, Jada is seen talking to Snoop, she explains that his remarks were triggering to her as a black woman, as he was insulting another black woman.

"When you first came out and you said what you said in regards to Gayle, my heart dropped," Pinkett said.

"I felt like not only were you talking to Gayle, but you were talking to me... I was like, 'Not Snoop.'"

She added "And so that’s one of the reasons why I felt like I really wanted to have this conversation with you in the spirit of healing."

Following Kobe Bryant's death last month, King sat down with Bryant's fellow Los Angeles basketball superstar, Lisa Leslie, to discuss his passing.

During the interview, King asked Leslie about Kobe's alleged sexual assault case from 2003.

"It’s been said that his legacy is complicated because of a sexual assault charge, which was dismissed in 2003, 2004. Is it complicated for you as a woman, as a WNBA player?" King asked.

"It’s not complicated for me at all," Leslie responded. Leslie told Gayle"I think that’s how we should leave it."

King's questioning angered many Kobe fans, including Snoop, who angrily responded on Instagram.

Snoop uploaded a video where he insults King for the questions and calls her a "funky dog-headed b**ch".

The West Coast rapper later took to Instagram to apologise to Gayle King for his "disrespectful" comments.

However, Snoop's fans are coming for Jada, claiming she is reaching and faking outrage for her show. See reactions below.

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