Snoop Dogg claims he "didn’t threaten" Gayle King while defending Kobe Bryant during angry rant

10 February 2020, 16:09 | Updated: 10 February 2020, 16:10

Snoop Dogg denies he threatened Gayle King during his rant defending Kobe Bryant
Snoop Dogg denies he threatened Gayle King during his rant defending Kobe Bryant. Picture: Getty

Rapper Snoop Dogg insists he didn't threaten Gayle King, after he addressed her bringing up Kobe Bryant's alleged rape case during an interview.

Snoop Dogg has come under fire after calling out Gayle King for mentioning Kobe Bryant's alleged rape case in a recent interview, a month after his tragic death.

Snoop Dogg defends Kobe Bryant after Gayle King resurfaces sportsman's rape case

On Saturday (Feb 8) the 48-year-old using Instagram as his mode of communication, Uncle Snoop explained his reasoning behind addressing Gayle King in such a manner.

“Here's a message for the people that need to know," he started.

"I’m a non-violent person. When I said what I said, I spoke for the people who felt like Gayle was very disrespectful towards Kobe Bryant and his family.”

He continued, “Now with that being said, what I look like wanting some harm to come to a 70-year-old woman?"

"I was raised way better than that. I don’t want no harm to come to her and I didn’t threaten her".

"All I did was said, ‘Check it out, you outta pocket for what you doing and we watching you. Have a little more respect for Vanessa, her babies, and Kobe Bryant’s legacy.’”

The upset began when journalist Gayle King brought up Kobe Bryant rape allegation questions during an interview with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie.

King's question did not sit well with many, and caused an uproar online. Snoop's response especially got a response from former U.S. National Security Adviser, Susan Rice.

On Friday (Feb. 7), Rice took to Twitter to respond to Uncle Snoop's video where he berated verbal abuse at King.

Rice's tweet read "This is despicable," captioning the video of Snoop Dogg's rant aimed at King.

"Gayle King is one of the most principled, fair and tough journalists alive. Snoop, back the **** off. You come for @GayleKing, you come against an army. You will lose, and it won’t be pretty."

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