Footage of Michael Jackson using his 'deep voice' goes viral

28 September 2022, 15:28 | Updated: 30 September 2022, 13:58

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Rare footage of MJ singing with his uncommonly-used 'deep voice' has gone viral on social media.

By Anna Suffolk

A video of Michael Jackson singing with his 'deep voice' has gone viral on the internet as fans were fascinated with the contrast in register of his typically high voice.

MJ was known for his high singing voice that made the hits of 'Billy Jean', 'Thriller' and 'Man in the Mirror', and this new footage has left fans baffled.

The footage was captured during his 1997 concert in Copenhagen as part of his BAD tour, as he performed his song 'In The Closet'.

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Michael is known as the King of Pop due to his legendary status.
Michael is known as the King of Pop due to his legendary status. Picture: Getty Images

The footage was shared to Twitter with the caption: "Michael Jackson using his deep voice during a performance in Copenhagen, 1997", and has since racked up over 100,000 views.

The video shows Michael singing in an unusually low register than typically expected, leaving fans baffled from his voice.

He sings the lyrics: "One thing in life you must understand / The truth of lust woman to man / So open the door and you will see / There are no secrets / Make your move / Set me free" in a falsetto tone.

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"Damn his natural voice is amazing", one fan said, commenting on the difference between his registers.

Another fan explained that MJ reportedly used his higher voice in order to preserve his real tone, as a "vocal technique" as recommended by vocal coaches.

People were baffled by Jackson's voice, and even expressed their shock that it was indeed the King of Pop singing.

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Michael Jackson performing on stage. Picture: Getty Images

MJ was known for his uniquely high voice that is instantly recognisable among performances and interviews of the late musician.

In his lifetime, Jackson won 13 Grammy awards and is known posthumously as the 'King of Pop'.

Jackson died aged 50 in 2009 where his voice has transcended generations of music fans.

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