Why are fans on Twitter comparing Fetty Wap and Olivia Rodrigo?

27 July 2021, 13:53

Fans are comparing Fetty Wap and Olivia Rodrigo
Fans are comparing Fetty Wap and Olivia Rodrigo. Picture: Getty

Fans on Twitter have been debating comparisons between Fetty Wap and Olivia Rodrigo.

A tweet comparing 'Trap Queen' rapper Fetty Wap and 'drivers license' singer Oilva Rodrigo has gone viral.

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Fans have gone wild, defending their favourites.

The rapper and the pop singer seem an unlikely comparison, however one tweet has sent the internet into a frenzy.

One Twitter user asked: "who had the more dominant debut year?" alongside side-by-side photo's of the two artists.

The tweet then erupted, with fans proving that their favourite is the most influential.

Fetty Wap stans came in strong with one tweeter saying: "Fetty Wap had 5 hit singles dominating mainstream hip hop simultaneously and even one of them is certified diamond".

She concluded: "This shouldn’t be up for debate.".

Another was in agreement, hilariously saying: "fetty wap was the last time the country was united for anything".

Another Fetty stan chimed into the debate, tweeting: "Fetty Wap had 10 year olds shouting “1738” without any reason".

Another commenter said: "Two worlds I didn’t need to collide today…"

However Olivia stans used numbers to defend their icon, saying: "livia literally had the more dominant debut tho- 250k on her first ever album and consistently in the top 10 hot 100 charts.".

Another fan agreed, saying: "Its not about who is a better artist, its about who had a better debut abs Olivia's definitely is more successful."

One tweeter defend the 'Good 4 u' singer, tweeting: "ofc it’d be fun to say it’s him but facts over anything really ".

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