The Game claims Kendrick Lamar is a more dangerous rapper than Eminem

19 December 2019, 15:14

The Game suggests Kendrick Lamar is a more dangerous rapper than Eminem
The Game suggests Kendrick Lamar is a more dangerous rapper than Eminem. Picture: Getty

Whilst addressing rapper's he'd love to go head-to-head with, The Game suggested Kendrick was more dangerous than Eminem.

Kendrick Lamar has been relatively quiet lately as we eagerly anticipate the release of his next studio album. Eminem, on the other hand, has been locked in a rap beef with Nick Cannon months after his Machine Gun Kelly feud went quiet.

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Now The Game has spoken out about rapper's he would love to take on in a lyrical war and during the conversation he claimed that Kendrick is a more dangerous rapper than Eminem right now.

Speaking to Talib Kweli on 'The People's Party' following the release of his latest album 'Born 2 Rap', The Game stated, "I would love to go to lyrical warfare with some of the emcees I admire."

The Compton rapper went on to address his song 'The Light', in which he shouts out his top rappers from the current generation, including J Cole and Kendrick Lamar; "Cole and Kendrick is like Jay-Z and Nas, but Kendrick is from here. I feel like if Cole and Kendrick do an album it's accepted as if them n***as is a group."

After Kweli brings up Kendrick's iconic track 'Control', The Game says, Don’t challenge that kid. I did it cause I know that Kendrick would hear his name and be like ‘big brother’. The same with Cole. Kendrick is not to be challenged. I used to feel that way about Eminem in my early years. But in my mind, Kendrick has taken that."

With Eminem's proving his lyrical ability and rap status on an almost annual basis now after entering into lyrical beefs with different rappers, has Kendrick really surpassed Marshall Mathers as the most feared spitter in Hip Hop?

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