Nick Cannon slammed for "Eminem should have died over Juice WRLD" diss track lyric

11 December 2019, 15:38 | Updated: 11 December 2019, 16:06

Nick Cannon has received backlash over his second diss track as it references Juice WRLD's death
Nick Cannon has received backlash over his second diss track as it references Juice WRLD's death. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Wild 'N' Out host Nick Cannon has been slammed for a lyric in his diss track to Eminem, which references Juice WRLD's death.

Nick Cannon has been slammed after releasing a second diss track aimed at Eminem, where the lyrics addresses the death of Juice WRLD.

50 Cent roasts Nick Cannon's "trash" Eminem diss track on Instagram

The Wild 'N' Out rapper released a second diss track, after 'The Invitation", where Cannon called out Eminem for his ex-wife Kim Mathers and his daughter, Hailie.

In the second diss track, Nick and The Black Squad digged at Eminem, for his feuds with Pink, Britney Spears and NSYNC, as well as referencing Juice Wrld’s death.

The diss track titled "Pray For Him" includes a line from Prince Eazy rapping: ‘I’m sick of all my homies keep dyin’, might puke Earl, God should’ve took Em and just let us keep Juice WRLD.’

Pray For Him - The Invitation (Official Audio)

Many fans on Twitter have responded angrily to the lyric referencing Juice WRLD's death. One fan wrote "It wasn't Nick Cannon who said the "Juice Wrld thing", but he & everyone else on that song should be held accountable."

"That was disgusting and distasteful. Juice wrld isn't even in the ground yet. Plus, wishing death on Eminem like that is unnecessary. That song belongs in the bin". See other fans tweets below.

The second diss track comes after Eminem retaliated to Nick Cannon's first diss track "The Invitation". Eminem dissed Cannon, claiming he's "whipped" over his ex Mariah Carey.

Cannon then took to social media to taunt Eminem on Twitter, whereby, the Detroit rapper responded.

Nick and Eminem’s feud died down for a decade, however, Em – real name Marshall Mathers – reignited their beef over the weekend when he released a new song, Lord Above, with Fat Joe and Dre.

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