Nick Cannon reveals Eminem was "ready" to fight him in a boxing match

5 February 2020, 13:48 | Updated: 16 January 2023, 10:31

Addressing his ongoing feud with rapper Eminem, Nick Cannon has claimed that he tried to set up a boxing match to fight for charity.

Eminem and Nick Cannon's beef has been ongoing for over a decade now and it was recently surfaced again after Eminem name-checked Nick in a song on Fat Joe's album.

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Revealing a previously unknown fact about their beef recently, Nick Cannon told Vlad TV that he was trying to arrange a charity boxing match with Eminem when the beef first kicked off.

Revealing how the secret boxing match almost happened, Nick Cannon explained. "People don't know this. Emanual Steward, God rest his soul, one of the greatest boxing trainers ever, was working with Em cos I think Em was supposed to do that boxing movie that Jake Gyllenhall did [Southpaw]."

He continued, "I was at a fight one time, everybody knows I box and all that stuff, so Manny [Steward] was like 'yo he ready for it' and I was like 'Set it up E! Set it! All money goes to charity' and he was like 'uh huh'.

Nick added, "That's all I wanted. Real talk, I just wanna match whatever energy he's on. I know I ain't gonna out-rap the motherf****r...".

A charity boxing match between Eminem and Nick Cannon obviously never materialised, but it would have driven huge viewing figures back in 2009/10 so imagine how it would go down if one were to happen in 2020!

These two aren't the only names who have been touted for potential charity boxing matches over the years, with Chris Brown and Soulja Boy having been linked to a potential fight in the past too.

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